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With all of the internet marketing courses and training on the internet today, it is no wonder so many online businesses fail.

Luckily, Kenster is a successful marketer that actually wants his students to succeed and has put together The IM System training program.

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What is The IM System?

The IM System is a results driven head-to-toe internet marketing training system that helps students build their own ‘Lifestyle’ business.

A lifestyle business is one that impacts a lot of people, makes you money, and allows you to live the lifestyle you desire. Kenster emphasizes it is a business you can be proud of.

The IM System focuses on building your business around Digital Marketing. And although a lot of internet marketer’s will jump into this course, the training can be applied to ANY niche…many of which are MORE profitable than IM.

Kenster said this is the most actionable program he’s ever been a part of, as a student or creator. He’s designed the system in a way that you WILL succeed.

What’s Included in The IM System?

The IM System is loaded with content. Inside you will get a comprehensive ‘all-inclusive’ package of video training, presentations, PDF downloads, and coaching by Kenster himself.

Here is a rundown of The IM System content:

Video Training: There are 6 Modules of video training lessons jammed with training (Module 1 alone has over 25 videos in it!). There is a Start Here section that will layout the training system with an overview so you have an idea on how the lessons will flow.

There is a variety of videos from whiteboard sessions, to ‘over-the-shoulder’ style videos where you follow along. Action modules are included in each module where you will actually perform the tasks so you can check your understanding of the content.

Inside Look At The IM SystemThe IM System Toolbox: Kenster created this section to house supplemental videos like walkthroughs of software, video answers to questions from students, and any other material that complements the training modules.

Resources Section: The true value and feeling of success is highlighted with the Resources included in the training.

Here you’ll find a complete library of ‘101’ videos teaching you everything from simple coding to copywriting so you can grasp the concepts and technical know-how being explained in the training modules.

These videos are worth the price of the program alone.

Communities: Kenster made sure there was a complete support system in place in which each student could not only benefit from his expertise and training, but every one could also learn from each other.

There is a private Facebook group, a private Skype group, Weekly Webinars, and a Forum that Kenster will be active in every day. Students will also be able to interact with each other through an internal private messaging system.

Also inside the community there are various segmented Groups you can jump into based on your experience level. There is not only a group for Newbies, but also a Millionaire group for the most experienced members.

Coaching: Every student will have easy access to Kenster throughout the training. This can through the Forum, Private Groups, Masterminds, and even Private 1-on-1 coaching.

This is a tremendous value alone as Kenster’s normal coaching is valued at top dollar.

Unannounced Bonuses: There will be several unannounced bonuses that become available as you complete training. These are REAL bonuses that will further your success and reward you at the same time.

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Benefits of The IM System

Besides the many benefits I’ve already mentioned…there are a few stand-out items you get that give this course insane value.

The Expert Copywriting Module: Kenster paid $3,000 for this training alone. He had this created specifically for The IM System. Inside students can grab unique copy for salesletters, emails, and pretty much anything else you need a template for.

Case Studies: There are detailed case studies inside from both the IM and Non-IM niches. No matter what niche your business is in, see real life examples of successes and learn how to avoid the mistakes.

The IM System Ammo PlansAmmo Budget Plans: This is one of the sleeper hits inside the program. Kenster has laid out 4 budget plans students can use depending on their financial system.

There is a Free plan for folks who only want to use free resources and tools to build their business, and a Pro plan that lists out exactly what tools Kenster uses in his business. There are 2 more plans in between as well.

The $100,000 Challenge: The system is so effective, Kenster implemented the $100,000 Challenge for the first 50 students that generate $100,000 in sales. You’ll have to get into the program to see what those first 50 get…but trust me…it is very nice!

Who is the IM System for?

I’ll start off by saying I don’t think The IM System is for everybody.

If you are a tire-kicker or unmotivated to build a Lifestyle business…don’t consider it.

Also, if you are already using a successful system that is allowing you to live the life you desire…it makes no sense to join this program.

But if you are beginner wanting to follow an actionable system that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about building a successful digital marketing business then The IM System is for you.

If you run a successful online business already, but haven’t been able to reach the level of success you desire…The IM System is for you.

The IM System Review – Overall Thoughts

This is no theoretical, hard to understand program. It is the most actionable system available.

You follow the training, do the homework, and you will learn how to build a successful digital business. You WILL succeed.

Without knowing which type of person you are and your business aspirations, I don’t know if you should buy The IM System or not. But I put The IM System Review together so you could decide.

Either way, I recommend you at least take a complete look at The IM System here.

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The IM System Video Review – A Sneek Peek And Free Bonus!

Here is an EXCLUSIVE video review of Kenster’s The IM System!

You can also read our review of The IM System here.

Here are the Free Bonuses that will put you a leg up on the competition whether you buy The IM System or not!

Also, here is a quick definition of internet marketing for the newbies.

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The IM System Review – What Is The Program About?

The IM SystemThe IM System by Kenster is a complete internet marketing training program that focuses on building out digital and information businesses for passive income.

The goal of the course is to provide students a true ‘Lifestyle’ business that thrives and grows on its own to provide a lifetime of passive income.

It is truly a step-by-step, A to Z program for action takers!

The great thing is The IM System will make you successful in ANY niche. Not just the IM and Make Money Online spaces.

Affiliate marketing expert Kenster has put years of experience into this course.

He has created a complete package of videos and written content so even the most novice IM’r can get on the fast track to success.

It is possibly the most actionable and replicable IM system ever created!

Kenster even built-in ‘homework’ assignments to keep students on track. He’s even gone so far to provide 1-on-1 support and guidance for EACH student of The IM System!

Here is a quick video of Kenster from one of his earlier training programs so you can see just how he breaks down each module:

Here are a few more ‘insider’ features The IM System provides:

  • An actionable system ANYONE can follow
  • Built for ALL experience levels. The IM System even has a ‘101 Boot Camp’ module to get even the newest entrepreneurs can get up to speed
  • Budget minded action plans so marketers of all income levels can get started without worry of purchasing ‘additional’ software and services to achieve results
  • An entire Community of support with Private Facebook and Skype groups, and a Forum where Kenster will be hanging out everyday.

The IM System is jammed with quality content that will help anyone achieve their lifestyle goals.

There will be much more information and details flying around about The IM System no doubt as we get closer to launch date.

Stay tuned as The IM System Review will be providing more behind the scenes details and give an inside scoop on all the Bonuses and goodies sure to be included with The IM System release!

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